What Clients Have to Say

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our clients for sharing your thoughts on this page. When someone is deciding who to trust with the pets they love for training or pet sitting, they are faced with a daunting decision. We hope the comments here will help those who are considering Creature Comforts to know the kind of dog training and care we provide to our clients and their pets.

“Hello Elisa!  Pete and I were so excited to have met you.  We think you are a pretty amazing person!  I said to Pete afterwards, ‘I want to take her home to be my friend.’ He agreed.  Aside from being a great trainer, it is obvious what a wonderful person you are.  Thank you for your time and patience with us.  Shadow loved being there and worknig with you, as if you couldn’t tell!  I will keep in touch as you are such a big part of Shadow’s life now . You have given her something no one else has!  We work with her at least twice a day and we have so much fun.  When we end the sessions with Shadow she follows us around wagging her tail as if to say, ‘Hey, that’s it?’ We had such a positive experience with you.  You are pretty awesome!”–Pete and Jaacqueline, Brick, NJ

From a colleague
“I have been working in this field for many years and you are the best handler and trainer I have seen.  You are kind and gentle with animals!” –Dawn, Manasquan, NJ

From a colleague
“You are one of the most special people I have ever met in the Humane Field (re; compassion, caring , and just in general, trying to make life so much better for so many lost, abandoned and homeless animals).” –Nancy, Little Silver, NJ

“Creature Comforts has been a lifesaver! Elisa’s knowledge and expertise was invaluable when we adopted our 6 month old deaf puppy. Her compassion for animals and devotion to her work made me and my husband completely comfortable and confident with what we learned.” –Maggie, Neptune, NJ

Cash and Maui
“My family and I adopted Cash and Maui from the Monmouth County SPCA. I treat them like they are my children. They were very scared and fearful at first. Elisa really helped us understand how they learn. I love training my dogs with Elisa and watching them learn. I could not thank Elisa and Creature Comforts enough!” –Lauryn, Freehold, NJ

Maggie, Rocky, Bert, Cerina
“It is nice to know our dogs and birds are at home with all ‘their’ stuff!! I never worry when Creature Comforts takes care of our pets; it’s like we never left them! We have used kennels in the past and our dogs underwent a lot of stress. That is not the case with Creature Comforts.” Mary, Freehold, NJ

Jackie and Dexter
“Elisa, You have been AMAZING with what you have done for us, with the changing of our schedule multiple times to the quality of the people you picked to be with Jackie after her surgery. You gave me comfort along Jackie’s healing process that she was in the best hands possible – you went above and beyond what most would have done – and I am forever grateful and so is Jackie. You have trained Jackie, you have nurtured Jackie and you have comforted us. What you do is a beautiful thing – you make the world better by sharing your love of animals. Namaste my friend…” Michele, Pt. Pleasant, NJ

”Just want you to know that Kali is doing great! I cant believe the change in this pup. Tonight Kali and I did sit and stay. She enjoys our time together. She got so excited after our 11:30 PM lesson, that she started running through the house. I took her right outside and we played in the back yard with her ball. She’s truly a changed happier dog. I’m happier too! Derek has a way with her that is truly magical. Kali learns faster than Steve and I do. We cant thank you enough!!!!!” Susan and Steve, Neptune, NJ.

Max and Cleo
“Thank you so much for taking care of my two dogs (really my two babies). Usually I am afraid to take trips because I know they need attention and I am not comfortable leaving them in a kennel, but thanks to you my mind is now at ease. I especially loved the fact that you took care of each of them according to what they needed — you played with Cleo (who has to play all the time) and cuddled with Max (who needs human companionship). I knew they had a comfortable time because they were content when I came back. I loved the detailed logs because I knew what you had done with them and knew that they had no accidents. You provided a complete service that I plan to use over and over. I am also attaching a picture of them on the couch — not characteristic of Cleo but certainly of Max. Take care — once again Thanks!.” Gomathi, Holmdel, NJ

Cassanova and Crystal and Missy
“I am thrilled with the service I get from Elisa and Creature Comforts. When I went on vacation, Elisa took care of my cats and my foster cats. When I returned home, aside from all the cats being healthy, they were happy to see me — affectionate and playful. Normally after a vacation, they’re mad at me and give me the cold shoulder for a while. Elisa was able to give the cats exactly what they needed and wanted. It’s extraordinary because we have a timid cat, a love bug who can hardly get enough petting attention, and high energy foster cats with special needs. Thank you, Elisa – we’ll be back!” Stephanie, Red Bank, NJ

“These are pictures of Sedona at 11 weeks and at 6 months. She has grown into quite a little lady with the help of Elisa and Creature Comforts. Sedona loves her dog sitting sessions with Elisa. Not only does she play and exercise, but also receives one-on-one positive training and lots of love and attention. We know Sedona is in good hands and count on Elisa’s professional, reliable and friendly visits every week – rain, shine or snow!” Michele, Eatontown, NJ

Buster and Maggie (and Daisy–Buster’s new little sister)
“Elisa and Creature Comforts did such a wonderful job of caring for our dogs while we were out of town. On one end of the spectrum we have our elderly, diaper-wearing Boston Terrier who is a gentle old soul but is a bit high maintenance with her physical frailties. On the other end we have Buster, our energetic Boxer who can be slow to warm up to people. We could tell Elisa and Buster had become friends by the time we returned home as Buster spent a few moments staring at the door after we came in with an expectant look on his face and a toy in his mouth. It’s such an added bonus and true peace of mind to have someone who really ‘knows dogs’ taking care of your furry family members. Thank you, Elisa! We’ll have to schedule some adventure days for Buster in the near future.” Gloria, Eatontown, NJ

Franklin and Taffie
“I was very happy to find Creature Comforts. My wife and I recently went on vacation and needed someone to care for our two dogs while we were gone. We have two terrier mixes. One has severe allergies and is very afraid of new people. Elisa walked the dogs daily as well as gave them their medicine on schedule. I was also happy to hear that her time included just spending time with my dogs in addition to walk time. She dedicated 30 minutes at each visit to spend with my dogs in our absence. Elisa got a great review from both my dogs, even the one who is afraid of people. Our dogs are like family members to my wife and I and we wouldn’t want to entrust their well-being to just anyone. I feel very comfortable recommending Creature Comforts to anyone looking for quality, caring, well-trained staff who will pamper and care for your pet the way you would yourself. ” Mike & Felicia, Jackson, NJ

Lacie, Otto, Gizmo, Pumpkin, Max and Mikey
“Elisa did an excellent job taking care of our dogs and our cats while we were on vacation. We usually board our dogs at a kennel, but it was much nicer to leave our dogs in their own home. When we returned, everyone was healthy, happy and relaxed. Even our shyest cat, Max, made an appearance during Elisa’s visits. It was such a pleasure to receive daily emails with updates and personal notes about our animals. We look forward to using Creature Comforts every time we travel.” Karen & George, Freehold, NJ

An update from Karen and George:
“During a recent trip to Italy, Elisa took care of our two dogs, four cats and one foster cat for 11 days. She visited our animals three times a day and took care of all of their needs. She walked our dogs, gave them playtime in our yard, scooped and changed the cat’s litterboxes, fed, gave fresh water and medication. In addition to taking such excellent care of our canines and felines, she watered our plants and our garden, took in the mail and vacuumed whenever necessary.
It was wonderful to not have to board our animals at a kennel, they were so much more relaxed in their own home. It was also nice to receive daily text messages from Elisa with updates during her visits. When we arrived home we found a “Welcome Home Booklet” with pictures and personality descriptions of our dogs and cats. Elisa’s devotion and dedication exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Creature Comforts Pet sitting and Training to anyone who wants the best care for their animals while they are away.”

“When I decided to leave my dog Rocky alone for 4 days I was very concerned. When I returned from my trip I was pleased to see my Rocky so happy and content. Elisa also helped [Rocky overcome] some bad habits during the visits. I have full confidence in her company and would be happy to pass her name along to anyone who cherishes their little babies as I do.” Phyllis, Allenhurst, NJ

“Thanks again for taking care of Radar during our short trip. The email updates and picture of Radar while we were away reassured us that he was in good hands. Instructions were followed to the letter. It was quite evident that Radar took a liking to you as he bolted to the door looking for you when he heard your voice. We’ll definitely use your services again on our next trip. Thanks again.” Reinhard and Janet, Howell, NJ.

Max and Cooper
“We have been very happy with the care you have given our cats while we were out of town. We were able to fully enjoy our trip knowing that Max and Cooper would be well taken care of and have fresh food, water, treats and clean litter boxes everyday! You came to know their personalities very well- every time we would get an e-mail update from you, we knew how happy they were around you because that’s the way they are with us. It is nice to know that we can leave them in the comfort of their home without stressing them out by putting them in another environment. We really appreciate your service and professionalism, and we are really happy we were able to find you!!!” Aaron and Michele D., Hightstown, NJ

Ginger and Sadie
“We want to thank you so very much for taking such good care of our ‘girls’ [Ginger and Sadie], and treating and tending to them as if they were your own. You were here every morning on time, always so pleasant. You went beyond “just walking the girls”. You took your own time to teach the girls some training exercises and patiently shared your skills with me, so that I could practice the lessons with the girls–on your own time. When the emptied garbage can was standing in the gutter–twice weekly–you kindly and most considerately retrieved it and placed it by our garage. Newspapers that were delivered–laying at the bottom of the driveway–you picked up and handed me in the mornings–when you came simply to walk the girls. The many days of rain did not deter you, and you generously helped me dry the girls’ feet before coming back in the house. Creature Comforts may be a business, but your selfless attitude and personal caring and attention make us feel that you are a most trustworthy friend! With our deep gratitude!” Ron and Rose, Manalapan, NJ

Boo and his friends
“After years of searching for the right people to care for my animals while I traveled I was thrilled to find such wonderful people at Creature Comforts. I honestly think they took better care of my pets than I do. They truly improved the quality of my life.” Jackie, Howell, NJ

“Elisa and Creature Comforts pet sitting are far and away the most caring, professional and absolute BEST dog sitting business my wife and I and our 4 year old yellow lab Roxy have ever had. Elisa has gone above and beyond her responsibilities. She actually trained Roxy to give her paw on command! This was no easy feat, since Robyn and I could not teach her this after trying for four years! Thanks a million Elisa and we look forward to many more years of you being a part of Roxys life.” Robyn and Al, Englishtown, NJ

Buddy and Jeremiah
“We have two blind dogs and knew we needed to find someone we could trust to come to our home and watch over them while we are away. After hours of research and phone calls we settled on Creature Comforts, and our time spent payed off. They are friendly, reliable, and most importantly they take great care of our two boys. We would definitely refer them to anyone looking for a quality pet sitting service.” Dan and Melissa, Long Branch, NJ

Apricot, Ellie, Gabriel, Joshua and Mufasa
“Are you looking for great animal care? Well look no further. I am perfectly confident leaving my 5 in Creature Comforts’ capable and loving hands. My one boy needs medicine, and at one point another one needed shots. Each time I have gone away I have felt that my babies were in perfect hands. I can’t applaud Stacy and Elisa enough.” Karla, Neptune, NJ

Maggie and Max
“I cannot even begin to tell yow how blown away we were with your outstanding service. Nina was amazing! She sent us videos (which always made us smile) along with really nice notes about them. She was also daring and nice enough to allow them to sleep in bed with her (poor thing!). She sent us a picture of them snuggled next to each other and they looked so content and happy. Thanks to you and Nina we won’t have to hesitate when the desire to plan a trip comes to mind. I truly can’t say enough about how happy we were – it made our trip that much more enjoyable!!” Jennifer and Chris, Freehold, NJ

Oliver and Chelsea
“When you have to leave your pets you never know if anyone can care for them as you would – but that wasn’t the case with the team who watched over our Oliver & Chelsea. Nina, Linda, Shannon & Elisa gave them as much love and care as we do, and we so appreciated their daily updates via phone and email (including pictures and video!). They clearly truly love animals, and we wouldn’t hesitate to leave our babies in their care at any time!” Liz and Bob, Little Silver, NJ

“Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my dog, Pepper. I realized when I made a career change and had to work 12 hr shifts/ 3 days per week I would need someone to help with Pepper’s care. I knew I would need someone special because he originally is a shelter dog and is very shy and fearful around strangers. As with many people and their pets, he is like my child and I trusted few people with him. I am truly grateful to have Nina, whose patience, integrity, and calm demeanor has also helped Pepper become more confident and trusting of people. I know whether I am at work or on vacation, I have no doubt he receives the best care possible from people I trust and rely on. It means the most to me as well that I know Nina (as well as yourself and other staff) genuinely care about Pepper and enjoy spending time with him. Between his walks, treats, and cuddle sessions, it makes me happy to know that he is happy and enjoying his time when I am not there.” Jennifer, Tinton Falls, NJ

Mocha, Sarah, Kimba, and Willow
“Creature Comforts is an outstanding pet sitting service that we used for the first time when we took a 10 day cruise to Alaska in August of 2012. We have two dogs and two cats. The dogs require special care. Our 8 year old lab takes medication, has had knee surgery, and has arthritis. She required a harness to go up the stairs. Our other dog is a 5 year old English Bulldog with special needs. She has frequent accidents and often misses going on the wee wee pads. The sitters came four times a day, attended to our dogs needs, and cleaned up after our Bulldog’s accidents. Our two cats are Persians and required that their eyes be wiped daily. They also require brushing. Our sitters, Susan, Dina, and Melissa, played with our pets, fed them, took the dogs out, but most of all made our pets feel safe and secure. It was obvious to us that our pets were very happy when we came home. We were reluctant to board them because of their special needs and because we thought it would be too stressful for them. Creature Comforts was also the more affordable choice. They also did extra things for us while we were away like bring in the mail, clear the skimmer in our pool, tidy up, and even vacuum which we never asked for or expected. We received email updates and pictures daily from the sitter’s coordinator, which put us at ease while being so far away and unable to use our phone much of the time. We have a commercial/residential property and live above our business, so relying on a service to be responsible for our home and business property plus take care of our precious pets was a very big deal for us. It has always prevented us from taking vacations. This particular trip included all of our family to celebrate a special occasion, which meant that family could not help us out this time and most of our friends were also taking vacations at the same time. It was a big job to undertake and Creature Comforts came through for us with flying colors. My husband is the Chief of Police for our county’s SPCA law enforcement division and deals with animal cruelty cases every day. He personally recommends Creature Comforts and we are excited that we have pet sitters now that we can call for either a weekend trip, overnight event, or a long vacation. We won’t miss out on anything now or feel guilty about leaving our pets. This is a professional pet sitting service that you can trust.” Ruth and Victor, West Keansburg, NJ

Dexter, Scooter, Cassey, and Pickles
“We are back home now, to our three very happy and well-fed cats, and one contented little bunny. You have obviously done an outstanding job, which we appreciate so much. You’re our first and only choice for the care of our little menagerie.” Janine and Chris, Freehold, NJ

From a client who wanted to remain anonymous: “Elisa and Karen have been absolutely wonderful to my mini poodle. Every day I’m gone, I receive a great text to let me know that my dog is happy and doing well. Sometimes the texts include a cute little photo! It’s great to be able to leave the house and know my dog will be getting a friendly and caring visitor! Hats off to Elisa – she runs a five star pet service!”